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ArtiClean is CDC Approved

ArtiClean Benefits

Ozone laundry has many attributes that make it so attractive to laundries. Apart form the sanitizing properties, Ozone also helps to soften the linen, it aids in whitening linen, plus it gives that “Clothesline Fresh” smell to your linen.

In order to activate laundry chemistry in the shortest time possible, for non-residential use, traditional washing calls for the water in the detergent and bleach steps to be heated from 135 degrees F to 160 degrees F. Depending on the application, flushes and rinses are usually warm or cold. By ozonating water (i.e. saturating the water with microscopic ozone bubbles), the cold ozonated water provides the energy that usually comes from hot water to activate your laundry chemistry. As much as 95% of the hot water consumed can be eliminated, which in turn drastically reduces the amount of Natural Gas used to heat the water.

In many cases we are able to reduce drying times, but these savings can be tough to quantify so we don’t typically include them in our payback analysis. Nonetheless, a 10 to 30% reduction in drying times for many customers is a very welcomed additional savings.

If your laundry is operating under optimum conditions, (plenty of hot water, properly calibrated and applied laundry chemistry, no water issues, and proper laundry handling and processing), ozone will probably not improve your whiteness or reduce your rate of rewash. In reality, most laundries we see are struggling with one or more of these issues. In those cases we often hear reports of increased whiteness, and even reduced rewash. We have a large nursing home that says the only complaint from the ozone is that they no longer have enough rags for the kitchen! We had another hotel customer that said they ran out of shelf space because the towels were much fluffier.

Hot water, chlorine bleach and PH are what wear out your linen during the wash cycle. By washing in cold ozonated water, you can dramatically increase your linen life. We worked with a customer that had to have their effluent (drain waste water) monitored for PH levels. Maintenance on the monitoring tank required cleaning of a lint filter once or twice daily. After ozone, that cleaning was reduced to once or twice weekly. For the non-laundry initiated, lint is basically your linen going down the drain! We have a commercial laundry doing hospitality work that reduced their linen replacement from $150,000 to $75,000 annually. Some customers have opted to reinvest the linen savings into higher quality linen, allowing them to enhance their guest experience without additional cost.

Because ozone is much more reactive than chlorine, especially in combination with reducing a rinse or more, wash cycle times can be reduced by 10 to 30%. For a small hotel, this probably doesn’t count for much, but for a larger hotel or any health care facility, this can mean the difference between overtime and having your laundry done in one shift. Some accounts have been able to reassign or cut back laundry personnel. Many savvy prospects interject at this point that reduced washing time won’t help because “I can’t keep up with the dryers.” Remember per the energy savings discussion above, that drying times can be reduced 10 – 30% as well. Reduced cycle times can result in lower costs, alleviating the need to add additional washing capacity, quicker linen turns in the morning, increased revenue, or a combination thereof.

Our Ozone Laundry Systems and Products

 Meet the AW Series of ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems!

The ArtiClean AW Series is the world’s first self-contained wall-mounted ozone laundry system. It requires no floor space for installation. The AW Series offers instantaneous-continuous flow of fully ozonated water that has been stripped of any potentially harmful off-gas. The system operates completely on a vacuum generated from the Venturi. This means the system stands by in an “idle” mode until the washers call for water. The AW Series ranges in capacity from our smallest unit that will handle a single 35 to 60 lb machine, up to a total of 600 lbs combined washing machine capacity. Flow rates, depending upon models, of fully ozonated water are from 10 to 55 gallons per minute. The AW Series comes standard with our Ozone DeGassing Chamber, our OLSC Controls, an industrial grade oxygen concentrator, and a Plasmatics ozone generator. The unit comes pre-built and ready to hang on the wall.

For our larger customers, we offer our industrial grade ozone laundry systems. These systems are running some of the largest institutional laundries in the world. They start with high grade industrial oxygen concentrators, field proven ozone generators, stainless steel recirculating pumps, and an ozone resistant storage tank. All of our systems come standard with our ozone DeGassing Chamber, our OLSC controls, and heated Ozone Destruct system. Standard piping assemblies are all a part of shortening the installation time-frame.

Some of the leading ozone engineers in the world were consulted in the development of our ozone laundry systems. Their main objective was to design and build the most reliable ozone laundry system in the world. These systems contain the best components available to help ensure extended reliability and consistent results for many years to come. We will spare no expense to ensure that all the safety features needed to fully protect your workers are an integral part of our systems.

In addition to venturi injection, all of our systems come standard with our exclusive Undissolved Ozone Gas Removal System or a Degassing Chamber. It would be much more economical to build systems without them, but that would jeopardize our integrity and subject your personnel to potential hazards. Any ozone gas that is not dissolved into the water is removed from the water stream and destroyed.

At ArtiClean, it is our belief that every ozone laundry system should be equipped with a monitor or control system to ensure consistent results, proper bacteria kill, and protect the safety of the workers.

You would never install a furnace without a thermostat. Then why would you install a machine that produces a gas that can be toxic, and not have a control system on that machine? Sadly, most ozone laundry systems do not have any type of controls or safeties. Without expensive testing equipment, there is no way to know if your ozone system is properly operating.

Every ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System comes standard with our Ozone Laundry Smart Controls or OLSC. This patent pending control and software allows your laundry operators to know at all times that your system is running correctly.

Under normal operating conditions, the OLSC continually monitors the output of the ozone laundry system. If all conditions are good, then the controller will tell the operators the ozone laundry system is performing correctly, by illuminating a Green-OK light. However, should your ozone levels drop below the minimum levels needed to properly disinfect bacteria and clean your linen, the OLSC controller will turn off the Green-OK light and illuminate a Red-Service light. As an added safety, the controller will also illuminate a Red-Service light should the ozone levels get too high.

The OLSC controller also has a output (4-20mA) that is easily measured and can be recorded for long term proof of the proper operation of your system. Our software along with optional data logger allows for measured data to be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for positive verification of the operation of our system.

AWCT Series:

With over 25 years of proven results for Killing Bacteria in Health Care Laundries, ArtiClean, is the leader
in manufacturing Industrial Ozone Laundry Systems designed exclusively for Coin operated Laundries. Only the finest materials make up the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System, making them truly the First Industrial Grade Ozone Laundry System that is built specifically for Coin Operated Laundries. With Proven Reliability, Performance, and Results, we have a system designed for all types of Coin Operated Laundry Applications.

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