At ArtiClean, it is our belief that every ozone laundry system should be equipped with a monitor or control system to ensure consistent results, proper bacteria kill, and protect the safety of the workers.

You would never install a furnace without a thermostat. Then why would you install a machine that produces a gas that can be toxic, and not have a control system on that machine? Sadly, most ozone laundry systems do not have any type of controls or safeties. Without expensive testing equipment, there is no way to know if your ozone system is properly operating.

Every ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System comes standard with our Ozone Laundry Smart Controls or OLSC. This patent pending control and software allows your laundry operators to know at all times that your system is running correctly.

Under normal operating conditions, the OLSC continually monitors the output of the ozone laundry system. If all conditions are good, then the controller will tell the operators the ozone laundry system is performing correctly, by illuminating a Green-OK light. However, should your ozone levels drop below the minimum levels needed to properly disinfect bacteria and clean your linen, the OLSC controller will turn off the Green-OK light and illuminate a Red-Service light. As an added safety, the controller will also illuminate a Red-Service light should the ozone levels get too high.

The OLSC controller also has a output (4-20mA) that is easily measured and can be recorded for long term proof of the proper operation of your system. Our software along with optional data logger allows for measured data to be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for positive verification of the operation of our system.

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