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Owasso Express Laundry Center

Perhaps the benefit our customers are most impressed with is the fact that since with every washer, every rinse is ozone-sanitized every time, that means you “Never have to worry about who used that washer BEFORE you!”

We’ve also had great success with tough fire/smoke restoration laundry, and in restoring comforters after a family pet has had an “accident.” From day-one our ArtiClean AW system has performed flawlessly, no downtime or technical issues of any kind.

Lyn and Marty Mullican

Owasso Express Laundry is a real ArtiClean Ozone customer

Community Care of Rutherford County

Today we replaced an old UniMac high speed washer/extractor that has been running since installation for 24 hours a day/365 days a year/for the past 19 years! That’s 57 years of Normal Life on this machine.

Incidentally, this nursing home installed our ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System Back in 2001. This facility was the first nursing home in the US to wash all their linen in strictly Cold Ozonated Water.

18 years later they still have not used the first drop of hot water in the Washer/Extractors


What a great Customer and Testimonial!

Community Care of Rutherford County is a real ArtiClean Ozone customer

The Laundry Doctor

I switched to ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems after a complete failure of another brand of ozone system. I worked with ArtiClean and they designed the perfect system for our business.

This is GREEN cleaning at it’s best! Cold water cleaning, less chemicals, and reduced drying times! We are enjoying all the benefits in every load! Part of our commitment to deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

The Laundry Doctor

The Laundry Doctor is a real ArtiClean Ozone customer

Saniclean Laundromat

The ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System has saved our business during the Covid 19 Pandemic. With our ArtiClean system we have been allowed to remain open as an essential business.

Scott Purdue

Saniclean Laundromat is a real ArtiClean Ozone customer

Harco Co Ltd

ArtiClean Ozone systems has allowed Harco Co Ltd to offer our Canadian customers energy efficiency through reduced hot water heating and the best method to destroy virus and bacteria bugs. The ArtiClean systems are made of professional components that last with minimal maintenance. The after sale support by the whole team shows their passion for providing the best results for the whole laundry process. 

Malcolm Caldwell – Vice President of Sales

Harco Co Ltd is a real ArtiClean Ozone customer

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