AT Series

For our larger customers, we offer our industrial grade ozone laundry systems. These systems are running some of the largest institutional laundries in the world. They start with high grade industrial oxygen concentrators, field proven ozone generators, stainless steel recirculating pumps, and an ozone resistant storage tank. All of our systems come standard with our ozone DeGassing Chamber, our OLSC controls, and heated Ozone Destruct system. Standard piping assemblies are all a part of shortening the installation time-frame.

Some of the leading ozone engineers in the world were consulted in the development of our ozone laundry systems. Their main objective was to design and build the most reliable ozone laundry system in the world. These systems contain the best components available to help ensure extended reliability and consistent results for many years to come. We will spare no expense to ensure that all the safety features needed to fully protect your workers are an integral part of our systems.

In addition to venturi injection, all of our systems come standard with our exclusive Undissolved Ozone Gas Removal System or a Degassing Chamber. It would be much more economical to build systems without them, but that would jeopardize our integrity and subject your personnel to potential hazards. Any ozone gas that is not dissolved into the water is removed from the water stream and destroyed.

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