Hotel Evolutions, LLC

“I have the ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System in all of my hotels – Every single one. I am a big fan of the system. It basically gets my linen softer, whiter, and cleaner, plus the fact that the ozone is inherently anti-microbial. It preserves the integrity of the weave of the fabrics, therefore my costs are considerable lower.” “It’s even taken a big chunk out of my payroll…”” there is approximately 160 minutes worth of payroll savings everyday…if you can run your laundry operation efficiently” “Overall the payback on the system is very quick and we get to enjoy the benefits of the machine long-term.”

Standifer Place

“I was very skeptical at first, but this Ozone laundry system is amazing.  I am washing heavily soiled health care linen in Cold Water, my results are phenomenal, the linen smells clean, it is much whiter and softer. My facility has saved as much as $10,000 in a single month off our gas bill.  We had a ROI of less than 8 months on this system. I am very impressed with ArtiClean.”

Burton Energy Group

Installed over 60 ArtiClean systems “Before we were introduced to ArtiClean, we installed ozone laundry system trials from three other suppliers that simply did not meet our requirements.  Conversely, ArtiClean has surpassed our expectations in all areas we deem critical to a successful working partnership.” – system functionality, ease of use, low maintenance, competitively priced, prompt response time to calls, effective training for engineering and housekeeping, significant energy savings, analytical reporting, consistent linen quality and positive guest comments.”  “Two words that sum up ArtiClean are reliability and accountability.”“We have and will continue to strongly recommend ArtiClean to commercial businesses requiring a best-in-class solutions for Ozone Laundry Systems.”