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From left to right - Aaron Cena, Director of Engineering Jeff Sanders, Sales Danny Kirk, Sales Manager Rod Burton, Sales John Smart, Government and National Account Sales Mark E. Moore, President

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems have the experience of 40 years in institutional laundry and well over a decade of building and installing ozone laundry systems. Our Ozone Laundry Systems allows facilities to effectively wash in cold-ozonated water, reducing the hot water consumption by as much as 95 %.

ArtiClean features “Plasmatics” Ozone Generators. It is the first ozone generator specifically designed to be used in laundries. There are two distinct styles of ozone laundry systems – the AW Series and the AT Series. Our AW or Wall-mounted systems is designed for small to medium sized laundries, while our AT series are designed for the larger industrial laundries.

Our global network of support is unparalleled with distributors that blanket North, Central and South America along with other partners in Europe and Asia. Check us out, you will find that we only build Ozone Laundry Systems one way, … The Correct Way – Safe, Efficient, and Reliable. With Articlean, Savings Never Smelled So Good

Meet Our Team

Mark Moore
Mark MoorePresident
Aaron Cena
Aaron CenaPartner
Danny Kirk
Danny KirkSales
Jeannie Collins
Jeannie CollinsCustomer Service

Three years ago, Charles “Mark” King took a chance on us. He was facing major water heater problems one year before a scheduled renovation was to take place at his facility. He got more than he expected. Not only has he turned his water heater off, he has completely removed it! Yes, Community Care of Rutherford County is washing all of their nursing home linen in 100% Cold Ozonated Water. He went on to tell us that the return on his investment was about 12 months, and his linen is whiter, softer, and lasting much longer

Mark King, Community Care of Rutherford County

We have an ArtiClean cold water ozone laundry system in our Geneva Ramada Resort and Hampton Inn. The sheets and towels are fresher, linens last much longer, AND we have more than enough hot water for guests, where it should be

Victor Nelson, Ramada Geneva Lakefront Resort, Geneva NY